Dina Lohan Defends Lindsay; Blames Judge


While her daughter is completing a 90-day court-ordered rehab stint, Dina Lohan is speaking out in defense of Lindsay and placing blame on the judge as she appeared on Friday’s Today show.

Despite months of campaign from Michael Lohan to put Lindsay into rehab, Dina declares on TV that there’s nothing wrong with their child Lindsay. She said: “I’m not condoning drinking and driving, but she’s still paying the price for what she did in 2007″ referring to Lindsay’s two DUI cases from three years ago. Dina added, She’s changed. She’s grown up considerably.” When Matt Lauer asked why Lindsay changed, Dina replied, “Age. Living life. Knowing life. Growing up.”

The District Attorney’s spokeswoman Jane Robison told People.com Thursday Lindsay may get released “earlier than the 90 days” ordered. She explained, “It’s up to the judge to amend the court order or to send her to a new program. There are no standing court dates in Lohan’s case. There would have to be a hearing first to amend the judge’s orders.”

Dina also repeatedly accused Judge Marsha Revel of “going overboard” and “playing hardball” by ordering Lindsay to jail for 90 days (she served 13) and into rehab. She also defended Lindsay’s absence in court for a progressive review saying: “She was in [jail] for just missing a couple of classes and was working at the time,” referring to an appearance Lindsay had at the Cannes Film Festival.

Unlike Michael Lohan who says Lindsay is addicted to prescription pills, Dina says her daughter has no problems. She explained, “That’s all propaganda,” even calling Lindsay’s tabloid coverage as “pre-orchestrated,” adding “You’re reading things that are not based on fact. Her life is magnified. Her life is under a microscope … Lindsay doesn’t realize a lot of people are watching her.”

When Lauer suggested that Dina, Michael and Lindsay’s friends “have done nothing to help Lindsay,” Dina replied that she had to grant her freedom. She explained, “When she was 19 and went out to Los Angeles, I had to let her go.” However, when Lindsay goes out of rehab, Dina says she’ll be coming home to New York with them.

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