Emma Thompson: “I’m going to take a sabbatical”


Hollywood actress Emma Thompson  has been desiring to take a break  to step away from the spotlight for the time being. She and her husband Greg Wise has a child named Gaia and an adopted son Tindyebwa and the Oscar winner is setting up to take time out from her profession as an actress to have and enjoy quality time with her family.

She said, “Next year, I’m going to take a sabbatical. I’m not going to raise funds or perform or travel, except in pursuit of new vistas with my family. I’ve been meaning to do this for a long long time but it’s like putting the brakes on a large ship because there is so much going on.”

According to contactmusic.com, the actress has admitted that she is battling with “mild depression” for so long and it is part of the reason she will take a longer vacation.

The actress said, “I find the job I do emotionally very demanding. I suffer from occasional mild depression, which I think is a very common thing… and it’s very much a hidden thing people don’t talk about. I think it should be discussed.”

Photos by WENN


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