Sum 41 frontman injured in a bar fight


Frontman of the band Sum41, Deryck Whibley was injured after an apparent bar fight in Japan according to his band. The Canadian rocker is in the hospital and he was treated after having unspecified injuries on the clash.

Last Thursday night, the band posted on its Twitter account, “Deryck Whibley was attacked in a bar last night by 3 unknown people. He is in the hospital now. Japanese police are looking into the matter.” With a blog report on Friday afternoon, the Canadian group brought up to date the attack that was happened in Japan and on a social networking website, Facebook.

The group updated the assault claim with a blog report Friday afternoon on and a separate Facebook page. The band said,  “It is unfortunate to say, but Deryck Whibley is still in the hospital. He was attacked late last night in Japan. We are waiting for results and we are hoping for the best. Thanks for your support.”

Photos by WENN



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