Nigel Lythgoe: Steven Tyler is great but I love Paula Abdul


After leaving two seasons of the hit running show American idol, the executive producer Nigel Lythgoe is back at the wheel of the show. Next season, the frontman of Aerosmith will be joining the judges’ table and the executive producer is pretty optimistic about it.Yesterday, Lythgoe told Variety, “He has come through that whole rock ’n’ roll circus”. “Why wouldn’t you want a legend there? You never know what he’s going to say.”

Even though he is yelping all over the internet with regards to his appearance on the show, unfortunately, the frontman has not been saying a great deal to his bandmates about it.

In other judging news, the former American Idol judge is said to be the favorite of the show’s executive producer and she might have a future with the hit show on television.

Although Paula Abdul is under contract with CBS for its ‘Got to Dance’ show, the executive producer told the Tinseltown trade paper that he’d like to find a way to bring her back on ‘American Idol’.

He said, “I still love Paula.”

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