Anna Paquin reveals she always wanted to work on HBO


Anna Paquin who plays the part of Sookie in the hit TV show True Blood has spoken with regards to her dream to work on HBO, the cable network behind the said show. The actress said in Venice, “Before the show had come anywhere near me, I had been talking for the last few years about how I would love to get one of those shows like on HBO. I think the quality of their product is so high.”

She added ,”And as far as an acting job, you know where you’re going to be for several months out of your year.”

She explained, on describing the day she got hold of the True Blood script, “I read the cover letter that said ‘HBO’ and ‘Alan Ball’ [the show’s creator] and I was like, ‘Please. Yes. Thank you’.”
Paquin who lives with her fiancé and on-screen lover, Stephen Moyer in Venice California says that she is concerned that she might not get the part because of her looks.

Photos by WENN


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