Myleene Klass cancels her wedding


The former “Hear’Say” star and British singer Myleene Klass has cancelled plans to marry her fiancé Graham Quinn who she has dated for 10 years for the reason that she fears an official commitment will mess up their relationship. They have a two-year-old daughter named Ava. The couple originally put off their wedding 3 years ago after Klass fell pregnant. And now she renounced plans to marry her fiancé because she is concerned in regards to the number of married celebrity pairs who went separate ways this year. “You do wonder if it (affairs) could happen to you. I get offers and I’m not so blind as to think Gray (Graham) doesn’t- he’s a catch. My mum keeps asking me when I’m going to get married, but I don’t think it’s going to happen anymore! When I look at all celeb couples splitting up, I think it’s time to return to the basics. It’s much more important to love and respect each other than have a ring on your finger”, she tells Britain’s Closer magazine.

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  1. The best songs on the album are not mentioned in the review which are All I need and you lost me there not over sung and really show christinas voice, there the only songs on the album that you get a feeling of realness with and that she belives in what she is singing, I always feel with GAGA she lacks this, I was hoping after back to basics she would have gone down the pop rock route with more songs like fighter, but it was not to be. I just want christina to start puting her own words on paper and writing her own songs, I know she co writes somtimes. neither the less she has a voice and can sing live which is more then some ” pop stars” at the moment. – Hot News and Events


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