Camilla Belle says “I’ve never been a big drinker”


Camilla Belle in spite of her celebrity status owns up she doesn’t live the Hollywood life.It is usually related with partying and drinking alcohol.

Camilla Belle tells The Independent,”I don’t take part in it. Obviously I’ll go to events but very rarely. It’s usually a friend’s premiere or an event where I have a relationship with a designer; it’s always for a reason”.

She also says, “I don’t go out just to go out which I think makes a big difference. I’m not showing up just to show my face.”
The actress added, “I’ve been to some of those Hollywood clubs with my friends, but we just show up and we’re like, ‘OK, this is what it is! Great!’ and then we leave.”

“I don’t even drink alcohol. It’s pretty much sparkling water. I’ve never been a big drinker.”

The stunning actress Camilla Belle brings up the issue regarding being envied by so many girls for becoming Joe Jonas’ leading lady.

She says, “Well, I don’t know, you can’t help what people say or what people write. People are going to say what they want to say. I am just living my life and I’m perfectly happy”  when asked concerning how she feels in relation to her haters.

Photos by WENN


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