Angelina Jolie gets a new ink!


The 35-year-old actress Angelina Jolie gets a tattoo in a very intimate place of her body.

A week after  premiering  some swirls on Jolie’s arm at the Mexican premiere of her new movie “Salt”, the actress show off her new ink on her thigh.

Angelina Jolie’s new ink was exposed when she posed wearing short shorts for a fashion magazine Vanity Fair’s August issue.

When she asked about her body art by MTV News Friday, she bashfully said that it is for her husband Brad Pitt.

“It is something for Brad”.

The actress turned down for other details on the topic of her new tattoo and she was more open when asked what makes relationship successful.

Jolie said, “I actually think it’s important to be completely honest, however difficult that may be”.

She has been with Pitt for five years.

“I’m bad at hiding secrets anyway”.

Photos by WENN


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