Megan Fox says Hollywood is like highschool


Megan Fox, the 24-year-old actress said that being well-known is just really being back in high school. She cannot withstand how her career has made her as a celebrity.But the young actress loves to make movies. Megan Fox hates being the subject matter of rumors. She intentionally avoids Hollywood social gatherings because she is aware that everything she says and does at them will be a scrutinized by the media.

Fox says’ “I put up a very good front. Of course, for my work I’m very tough-minded and I want to achieve a lot in my career,”

“But I’m not comfortable in social situations and that’s why I don’t hang around with any Hollywood crowd.

“I like to be very private and stay in my own little world. Still, it can be tough to deal with the constant attention and being analysed for everything you say. I sometimes feel like I’m stuck in high school and can’t escape.”

Megan Fox reacently married Brian Green in Hawaii and the newlyweds are enjoying their new life.

Photos by WENN



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