The Kardashian sisters to appear on 90210


The Kardashian sisters will be making an appearance on the third season of 90210.

The CW reported that Kim Kardashian and her sisters Khloe and Kourtney will be joining the third season of 90210, scheduled to air on September 8. Although no reports of specific roles of the dark-haired Kardashians have yet to be reported, Kim seemed excited for the role, posting a message on her blog: “We’ve always been big fans of the show and grew up watching the original cast, so this is a real honor to have the opportunity to guest star on the show.”

The season 3 premiere of 90210 will air Tuesday, September 8, 8 pm EST. If you’re curious what the Kardashian sisters will bring to the dramatic Beverly Hills-based show, then check out the premiere on Tuesday.

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