Jodie Foster fights with Teen paparazzo


Jodie Foster is clearing up her name against allegations that the she attacked a young man outside a Los Angeles mall. The actress said the police report filed by the teenager is a “fabrication” of what really happened.

RadarOnline obtained a police report dated May 29 at The Grove in L.A., where Foster was seeing a movie with her kids. The alleged victim’s father has claimed that his 17-year-old son approached Jodie Foster for a photo but she “came after him [and] poked him in the chest” and “pushed and shoved him leaving scratches and bruises on his arm.”

Foster’s rep tells “This guy was most definitely a professional paparazzo. “He had a large camera bag and 1000mm telephoto lens. He tailed Jodie and followed her all the way from the movie theater to the valet.” The rep added that the teenager had been following the Oscar-winning actress for a while. The rep continued saying: “He crowded her and her two young children and took photos of them the whole time,” adding that the actress went up to him and asked him to stop. “This guy’s behavior was completely inappropriate,” says the rep, “and the police report is a fabrication of the incident.”

Photos by WENN


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