Miley Cyrus Fakes a Lesbian Kiss during Britain’s Got Talent performance


Miley Cyrus pulled a fake Britney Spears during a performance of her new song “Can’t Be Tamed” on the TV show Britain’s Got Talent, simulating a kiss with one of her female dancers.

Unlike Britney Spears and Madonna who famously kissed at the 2003 MTV Awards, Miley Cyrus simply bent down during her routine and put her face near the female dancer, acting as if she’s aggressively kissing her. British tabloid Daily Mail reported, “Now Miley Cyrus simulates lesbian kiss in front of family audience on Britain’s Got Talent.”

Dressed up in black corset and ripped fishnet stockings, the Hannah Montana star shocked the viewers during the 5-second-long fake kiss. Miley Cyrus is currently in the middle of a European promotional tour for her upcoming album, “Can’t Be Tamed,” which is due to be released later this month. On tour, Miley has proven with her racy performances that the days of her squeaky clean Hannah Montana image is over and done…she’s growing up right before our eyes.

Despite the negative comments about her routine, Cyrus isn’t one to get discouraged. Just last month, a video showing Miley dirty-dancing in a bar with 44-year-old movie producer surfaced online, which Miley and her dad Billy Ray just brushed off.

Photo by WENN


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