Gary Coleman died a single man; Shannon Price 911 Call surfaces online


Although Shannon Price has told the Utah hospital where Gary Coleman died that she was his wife, the actor’s former lawyer says Coleman passed away as a single man. In related news, the Gary Coleman 911 call surfaced online. Check below to hear the call…

Attorney Randy Kester told, “I can confirm they’ve been divorced since Aug. 12, 2008. He noted that Coleman asked him to keep the divorce private. He continued saying, “At the time of Gary’s death, they were not married. I have no knowledge if they were ever remarried.”

Coleman suffered an intracranial hemorrhage, two days after a fall while preparing dinner at home. He was taken off life support on Friday after Shannon Price gave the hospital permission. The Utah hospital spokesperson Janet Frank told the magazine that they will be investigating what standing Price had to have made the decision. She added, “Shannon certainly portrayed herself as his wife to our staff and doctors. We assumed she was telling the truth. We can’t comment on specific details in Mr. Coleman’s case, but in general, any patient on life support is thoroughly evaluated medically before life support is ended.”

Meanwhile, the Gary Coleman 911 call made by Shannon Price surfaced online, with Coleman’s 24-year-old ex-wife gave chilling details of the events leading to the actor’s death.

Gary Coleman’s family is currently planning a funeral in Salt Lake City this weekend.

Photo by WENN


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