Kendra Wilkinson gets big money for Sex Tape


When news of a Kendra Wilkinson sex tape surfaced, the reality TV star said it broke her heart and maintained that she didn’t want Vivid Entertainment to continue reproducing the tape. Now, reports are surfacing that Kendra Wilkinson and her partner agreed to get paid for the sales of the sex tapes.

Although a May 31 season finale of Kendra’s reality show on E! shows her slamming someone (probably to former boyfriend Justin Frye), saying his actions “broke my heart…how can u do that when I have a baby?” Kendra added that she hopes people “don’t press play” and view her sex tape.

However, reports that sources has confirmed Kendra received $680,000 and will be receiving 50% of sales. In addition, Wilkinson reportedly signed releases allowing the porn company to distribute the tape. Kendra’s ex Frye, however, did go behind her and delivered the tapes to Vivid, the company that released the sex tape.

While Kendra wants the public to believe she had nothing to do with the sale of the tape, RadarOnline reports that she had actually made a secret deal with the company. even retrieved documented proof that Kendra tried to sell her own sex tapes in 2008 under the company Home Run Productions, but the deal fell apart two years ago. However, when Frye delivered the tapes to Vivid, Kendra was reportedly already signed up.

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