Lindsay Lohan Finally Arrives in the US


Lindsay Lohan has finally made her way back to the U.S.A. today after partying in Cannes.

Lindsay Lohan was supposed to attend court on Thursday, but she wasn’t in town. Instead, a warrant of arrest for Lohan was made, but was immediately revoked after her lawyer posted $100,000 bail and promised the actress would appear in court on Monday. Criminal law expert Darin Kavinoky tells E! News that if Lindsay Lohan doesn’t come back, then her bail would be forfeited and they will immediately issue a new arrest warrant.

After claiming that her passport has been stolen, Lohan eventually got another one and arrived at the LA International Airport at around 7pm.

On Monday’s hearing, Lindsay will formally be ordered not to drink any alcohol, fitted with a booze-sniffing SCRAM device on her ankle and will be subjected to random drug testing. If she slips up, she could be headed to jail. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel said Thursday, “If she’s not in violation of probation, great news for her. If she is, we’ll deal with that.”

Photos by WENN


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