NBC Calls Conan O’Brien a Liar


Conan O’Brien broke his silence about the NBC-Jay-Leno issue in “60 Minutes” Sunday, claiming the big boys at NBC decided to let him go in part because h is $32.5M payout was smaller compared to the amount they’ll be giving Leno (if he was the one let go).

Now, NBC sources have spoken up via TMZ accusing Conan of lying, telling that the hosts’ buyout would have been roughly the same. NBC also claimed that Conan was also being dishonest when he denied that his was the first ‘Tonight Show’ ever to lose money.

Network sources told TMZ: “NBC sources say the show would not only have lost more than $5 million this year had they kept Conan on, but the loss was specifically discussed with Conan — ‘They were well-informed of that fact,’ said one source.”

Although 13 million viewers tuned in to hear what Conan O’Brien had to say in ’60 Minutes,’ the reaction of viewers continue to be split among those who think that it was “self-indulgent” and those who view it as an “honest and emotional” interview. What do you think?

Here’s a clip from Funny Or Die, as Conan answers the question “what he would have done” with this version of the interview, re-edited to include Conan’s inner monologue.


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