Court Says Dr. Conrad Murray Can Keep His Medical License-for the Meantime


Despite being charged with involuntary manslaughter which led to the death of pop icon Michael Jackson, Dr. Conrad Murray remains to be a licensed doctor.

That’s according to a brief proceeding held at the Los Angeles Superior Court presided by Judge Michael Pastor. The court date was moved to June 14, and by then it is expected that he will have  a decision on whether the physician’s California medical license should be suspended while on trial.

“We’re relieved that the doctor can continue earn a living,” says Murray’s spokesperson Miranda Sevcik.

This is not good news however, for the Jackson clan.

“Mr. and Mrs. Jackson were both upset that nothing had happened in regard to the attorney general request,” says Brian Oxman, a lawyer for Joe Jackson. “They thought that was strange. Nothing was done. They feel that the case is moving at a snail’s pace and the charges are still insufficient.”

Murray is accused of giving the late King of Pop high dosages of anesthetic propofol last June, which resulted to his sudden death. To give you a recap, here’s a video reporting about the doctor’s surrender to the authorities a  few weeks back:


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