Jesse James Has a Fourth Mistress!


Here’s today’s episode of the Sandra Bullock-Jesse James marital drama: Jesse has a fourth mistress!

The fourth woman, who doesn’t want to be named, claims she had an affair with Sandy’s biker chopper hubby, and she’s being represented by high-profile lawyer Gloria Allred.

“I represent a beautiful model and business woman,” says Allred in a statement. “[James] pursued her and he had strong feelings for her. She is in the process of trying to decide if she will come forward. She has proof of their relationship including hundreds of texts, emails and photos. The relationship just ended recently after the scandal broke.”

Just after tattoo model Michelle McGee stepped forward claiming to have an 11-month affair with Jesse, two more women, Michelle Smith and Brigitte Daguerre soon lined up.

According to other souces, Jesse’s extramarital affairs have long been an open secret with his employees at the West Coast bike shop in Long Beach, Calif. He would even post ads looking for “hot, tattooed biker chicks with big boobs” whenever his wife was away.

But the remaining question, who gets what in case the two finally decide to split?


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