Update: Gaga Gets Back at Ex, Files Countersuit


After learning that her ex-boyfriend and producer Rob Fusari is suing her for $30.5 million, Lady Gaga steps up and fires back, with a counter suit.

According to her lawyer, the agreement at the heart of the suit was “unlawful.”

Fusari claims in the suit he filed last Wednesday in Manhattan that Gaga ditched his services as her career took off and skyrocketed. He also claims to be part of her success, as he packaged her from being a piano player into a pop culture icon.

The suit says that he has songwriting credits in songs such as “Paparazzi” and “Brown Eyes,” as well as producing credits in her debut album, “The Fame.” They also launched a business venture called Team Love Child LLC to promote the pop star’s career.

Gaga’s lawyer Charles Ortner says that the arrangement was “structured in such a way as to mask its true purpose-to provide to the defendants unlawful compensation for their services as unlicensed employment agents.”

He adds that Fusari and his company had violated statutes which prohibited them from “acting as employment agents without a license and charging Lady Gaga an unlawful fee for their purported services.”

Fusari’s lawyer, Robert S. Meloni, meanwhile said that the claim was “ludicrous.”

“Fusari is a PARTNER in the Team Love Child LLC with Gaga and her father (through their company Mermaid). Rob was no more of an ‘agent’ for her than she is a Roman Catholic nun.”


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