Heidi Montag: “I’m Surger-ied Out”


Heidi Montag became the talk of the town when she underwent 10 plastic surgery procedures in just one hospital visit, and now she says she can’t do more for a while.

“I legally can’t right now,” she says to Jay Leno on ‘The Tonight Show’. “The limit is 800cc and I have 700cc.”

She previously told reporters that she wants bigger breasts, even if she already had them enhanced.

“I think I’ve reached the point [where I can stop],” she continues. “I think I’m good for a while. I’m surger-ied out.”

She also denied reports claiming that she is addicted to surgery.

“I don’t think I am addicted,” she explains. “When you’re addicted, you have to do it every day, and thank God I don’t do it every day… I like to do it all in one day… knock it out.”

She also admits that she is still recovering from the surgeries which were done back in November. “It’s excruciating,” she describes. “But beauty is pain.”

Photos by Wenn.com


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