American Idol Update: Four More Say Goodbye, Contestants Left to Top 12


Things are getting hotter and hotter in “American Idol,” as the show revealed its Top 12 finalists Thursday. The show also gave away two shocking, unexpected eliminations.

First to hear the news was Lily Scott, who didn’t expect to leave the show right then and there.

“I thought I did really well. I thought I was appealing to a lot of people,” she says to host Ryan Seacrest after learning she was voted off.

“You know, I put my heart into every performance and I thought I really gave it my all every time,” she adds. “It’s surprising… a lot of incredible talent is going home and I don’t know what America wants to hear.”

Other contestants sent home were Katelyn Epperly, Todrick Hall, and Alex Lambert, who got rave reviews from the judges during his three consecutive live performances. His only criticism was when Simon Cowell pointed out his shaky aura brought about by nervousness.

“I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot of stuff and I wish I would have like, not been so nervous on stage because there’s a lot of things that American hasn’t seen me do yet, and a lot of things that I know I’m capable of, but the judges and America hasn’t seen it [yet],” Alex said. “I wish I coulda just broken out of my shell.”

Todrick meanwhile spent two weeks with rather shaky and problematic performances, and when he learned he was out, he thanked everybody for his time on the show.

“I came here to prove I’m not just a dancer, I can also sing and I think I’ve done that,” he said.

“I’m not stoppin’ now,” says Katelyn. “It’s just a push for me to do more stuff.”


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