82nd Academy Awards Hits Highest Ratings Since 2005


Sunday’s 82nd Academy Awards got its highest viewer ratings since 2005, thus ending a highly successful awards season.

The Oscars were viewed by over 41.3 million viewers, thus increasing its viewership ratings last year by 13 percent, according to Nielsen surveys.

Prior to the Oscars, Barbara Walters’ final Oscars special garnered 15 million viewers, thus getting its biggest audience since 2002.

While ABC was enjoying its viewer ratings for the said awards night, other networks filled up the airtime by hour-long reruns of TV shows and movies. Fox aired back-to-back episodes of “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy,” while CBS aired “Amazing Race,” “Undercover Boss” and “Cold Case.” NBC meanwhile showed a half-hour episode of “Dateline” followed by an airing of the movie “Bad Boys II.”



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