Sacha Baron Cohen Not Invited to the Oscars


Sacha Baron Cohen may be part of the Academy voters this year, but he is not going to be at the ceremony. Why?

According to his rep, the funnyman was disinvited to the Oscars this coming Sunday due to “creative differences.” He and Ben Stiller were supposed to do a spoof on the film “Avatar” with Cohen dressed as a female Na’vi carrying director James Cameron’s lovechild.

But the skit was later removed as ceremony producer Bill Mechanic thought Cameron might be offended by it, thus removing Cohen from the show.

“I hate to use the term because it’s so ubiquitous, but there were ‘creative differences,’” says his rep Matt Labov. “Nothing acrimonious, but both sides felt that since they couldn’t agree, he might as well remain in London.”

The “Avatar” director meanwhile says he had no idea of the said spoof and is as well welcome at any blow on his most recent blockbuster, which is up with nine awards. “If they want to poke fun at ‘Avatar’ Sunday, that’s OK by me,” he told E! “The Oscars are a real celebration of movies… even the gaffes and out-of-bounds stuff are all part of the fun.”

Meanwhile, here’s a sneak preview on what’s going to happen on Sunday:


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