“American Idol” Creator Simon Fuller Launches Web Drama Series


Simon Fuller, the genius behind reality TV hits such as “American Idol” and the “X-Factor” franchise, is making yet another milestone in the world of entertainment: “If I Can Dream.”

The new drama is not hitting the TV screen, but rather the Web, and it follows the lives of five people all hoping to get their chance to make it big in the entertainment industry. Their lives will then be chronicled not only by the show itself, but also by a live stream on ificandream.com.

In addition, fans and viewers can participate and vote on their favorite contestant live on the dot via Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace, thus bringing to live the real “24/7 real-time interactive access.”

“There was this conventional wisdom that said, ‘Well, the economics aren’t there to do high-quality TV on the Web,” says Andy Forsell, senior vice president of content and distribution at Hulu.com, the site where the new Web reality series can be viewed. “That may have been true a couple years ago, but we don’t think it’s true today.”

“The missing link for us has not been strong enough monetization,” he continues. “The missing link has been someone like Simon that says, ‘We’re going to do this.’”

Photos by Wenn.com


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