Lil Wayne to Test How Life is Behind Bars


This time, it’s going to be real jailhouse rock for Lil Wayne.

The diminutive rapper will be serving his year-long sentence on March 2 after pleading guilty in a New York City felony case. He will then be the latest celebrity to go to jail after becoming famous, as well as the latest high-profile subject for the authorities to test their ability to follow suit and not provide special treatment for such convicts.

“It’s a challenge,” says former head of the New York City jails, Martin Horn. “It’s not about setting (a celebrity) on a bed of roses, but it is about an obligation to every inmate to keep him safe.”

At present, prison officials say that they will exercise the same procedures on the Grammy-winning rapper as they do with any other new arrival at the facility, including finding an appropriate place for him as he blends with a crowd of 13,000 inmates.

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