Adam Lambert Feels Sorry for Reprimanding Fan on Cellphone Call


Adam Lambert recently called out to a female fan who was talking to someone on her cellphone while he was doing a number, and now he says he’s sorry about what he did.

“I feel bad,” he says. “I didn’t mean to make her feel bad.”

Adam was performing “Whataya Want From Me” for iheartradio in NYC, when his concentration was interrupted by the fan who chose to engage in a cellphone call.

“I was trying to record an acoustic song. We were recording the concert and it was very quiet and intimate and she was in the third row, quite loud on her cellphone,” he recounts. “I just told her to please get off of it because I [couldn’t] concentrate.”

The crowd, as well as the fan, supported his actions.

“I think ultimately she called into the radio station and said shewas fine with it,” he continues. “I made sure afterwards to kind of blow her a kiss and like, make amends.”

“I didn’t want to really embarrass her,” he says. “For that moment she needed to be a little embarassed and she needed to learn that lesson and I’m glad.”


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