Justin Bieber Talks about His First Crush


Canadian teen pop sensation Justin Bieber may be the most wanted young man in Canada, but he too has suffered a broken heart.

“My first crush was when I was 13, in my little town in Canada,” says the 15-year old. “You know, it was one of those little crushes you have when you’re younger. I asked her out and she said no.”

But that’s already in the past, and Bieber’s busy making a name for himself-and girls from all over are now out to get him.

He does, however, have one crush now. And it’s Beyonce!

“I met her at the VMAs. I went up to her, said ‘I love your music,’ and she said, ‘Aww you’re so cute,’” he recalls. “She’s gorgeous.”

Photos by Wenn.com


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