Julia Roberts, Shirley MacLaine Reminisce on “Steel Magnolias”


It’s been two decades since Julia Roberts and Shirley MacLaine worked together in the film “Steel Magnolias,” and now they were reunited on the new flick “Valentine’s Day.” And the two reminisced on their heyday during the Los Angeles Premiere of the all-star romantic comedy.

“[We] didn’t have enough [scenes together],” says Julia.

Shirley was later asked if she had already seen Julia to make it big after their movie, which was about a group of female friends who held on to each other through pain and strife.

“I did,” the veteran actress said with confidence. “We lived next store to each other when we were shooting ‘Steel Magnolias.’”
“She’s my savior,” Julia responded lovingly. “She’s my confidant in everything.”

“We had a [crew member] who was not sensitive… a pain the butt is what he was and he was mean to her,” Shirley recalls. “And so I… I would hear and see the meanness and she would come over to my house and we would talk about it.”

“Talk me off the ledge,” Julia recounts.


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