Leno Takes a Blow on Letterman’s Wife


Leno Takes a Blow on Letterman’s Wife

David Letterman joined the Conan-vs.-Leno feud by saying Leno “always turns up at the scene of the crime.” Now Leno responds by bringing in Letterman’s wife to the drama.

“Letterman has been hammering me every night…You know the best way to get Letterman to ignore you? Marry him,” says the host of “The Jay Leno Show” in his monologue, in which he triggered on his rival’s longtime infidelity issues.

The two hosts have already battled head to head during the early ’90s to claim the seat of NBC’s “Tonight Show,” in which Leno won and hosted for 17 years. They now rekindled the old flame when the network decided to replace Conan with Leno due to low ratings.

Letterman, of course, isn’t finished yet, and said: “Let me ask you this… are you fascinated by legal detail? Listen to this: Conan O’Brien, he had ‘The Tonight Show’ and now he’s leaving, and NBC is negotiating with him… he can’t take his signature comedy bits with him. But that’s OK, Jay will take them.”

While Leno and Letterman are busy hitting each other in their monologues, Conan is busy saying his goodbyes on “Tonight”.

“It’s been reported that before I agree to a final settlement with this network I want to make sure NBC takes care of my staff,” says in his monologue. “At first they thought I was gullible-they said the staff would be taken to a big farm where they’d be allowed to ruin free forever.”

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