2010 Grammys to Pay Tribute to Michael Jackson


2010 Grammys to Pay Tribute to Michael Jackson

The 2010 Grammy Awards plans to pay tribute to the late King of Pop by means of showing a star-studded 3-D performance, a first time in the event’s history.

Last year, Ken Ehrlich, co-executive producer of the Grammy awards, approached Jackson to do a special number as homage to his “Thriller” album, which was on its 25th anniversary at that time. He also presented a number of performers to join the pop icon, such as Justin Timberlake and Usher.

Jackson, although excited by the idea, declined the invitation.

“He just wasn’t ready for it,” says Ehrlich.

In this year’s Grammys, Jackson will be the center of the show, in which the program will broadcast a 3-D clip of the ‘Earth Song,’ which he was supposed to use on his ‘This Is It’ shows in London back in July 2009. The concerts didn’t take place due to his sudden death less than three weeks before the start of the concert dates.

Among those who will perform in the said tribute include Usher, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Ceine Dion and Smokey Robinson.

“Whenever we would do a show with (Jackson), the first thing he would say to me was, ‘How can we do something that we (have) never done before?’ And now we’re doing something that hasn’t been done before,” says the Grammy exec, who has worked with the King of Pop for almost 30 years.

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