Lindsay Lohan Promises 2010 to be Filled with More Mayhem


Lindsay Lohan Promises 2010 to be Filled with More Mayhem

Lindsay Lohan predicts her own fearless forecast for the year 2010 via Twitter: “LOHAN MAYHEM!”

Well, the troubled 23-year old starlet says this mayhem will be on a more positive light, at the same time she wishes all her fans and followers a “blessed new year.”

What can we expect from LiLo, who’s had way of a rollercoaster ride back in ’09. Among the highlights of her life the past year include a disastrous runway stint at Ungaro, waging a bitter war of words against her estranged father, Michael, and spring (heart)break with former beau Samantha Ronson, to name a few. And oh, she spent the last months of the year designing tattered leggings, crying at an L.A. hotspot, and traveling to India to discover life and beyond.

Together with little sister Ali and R&B royal couple Beyonce and Jay-Z, Lindsay spent the New Year on an island escapade at St. Bart’s.

On the second day of 2010, the young actress and designer has finally arrived to a new year’s resolution: “to stop letting the lucky few that have my heart, try2constantly tear me down.”

She adds, “2010 is about moving forward, not backwards. Leaving the bad (people, habbits, and negative energy behind) time to make changes-right!?!? :)”

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