Hailey Glassman Denies Ransacking Jon’s Apartment


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When Jon Gosselin came home on his New York pad after spending Christmas with his 8 kids with Kate, he was greeted with a ransacked home and a note with the word “cheater” and Hailey Glassman’s name. Now, Jon’s ex-girlfriend is denying that she had anything to do with it and even calls the incident as a “huge, huge publicity stunt.”

A lawyer for the 32-year-old Gosselin told press that when Jon returned to New York on December 26, he found his Upper West Side apartment burglarized. According to reports, a nasty note allegedly from ex Hailey Glassman was stabbed to their dresser with a butcher knife.

Glassman told police she wrote the note, in which she called the reality dad a “lowlife,” but insisted that she did not punctuate it with the blade. Glassman also denies destroying some of Jon’s electronics, slashing any of Jon’s clothes and smashing his family’s 100-year-old Ming-style vase.

Glassman’s attorney Anand Ahuja said in a statement, “To me, it appears to be a huge publicity stunt. It appears that somebody is trying to frame my client, Hailey Glassman, because she didn’t take anything from that apartment that she was not entitled to take with her. I don’t see any truth in what is circling around in the media against my client. Jon told Hailey to take whatever she wanted to take, and that he was not going to come back to the apartment because he was moving.”

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