Britney Spears Makes List of “2009 BS Rumors” Written about Her


Britney Spears List 2009 Most Absurd Rumors about Her

Britney Spears is a tabloid favorite, so to make fun of the made-up headlines about her, the pop princess made a list of 75 screenshots of blog posts or news called “The BS Alert,” which featured stories about Britney that apparently isn’t true.

According to, there were about 13,000 news stories published or posted online about Britney in 2009 alone, most of them being completely fabricated. But aside from fighting the tabloids, Britney decided to do the opposite and just make fun of the absurd stories. The top 15 are:

1. Britney dates Indian Choreographer Sandip Soparrkar
2. Ex Manager Says Britney’s Not Ready
3. Fans storm out of Britney’s Australian show due to lip-synching
4. Courtney Love Rants on Facebook that Britney Spears’ Dad Molested Her
5. Britney thinks her dad is drugging her
6. Britney Spears holed up in Perth hotel after concert shame
7. Britney Spears dating music producer Dallas Austin
8. Britney’s comeback tour faces low ticket sales
9. Beau says no to Britney’s proposal
10. Topless Gimme More Photos
11. Britney Spears dating backup dancer Chase Benz
12. Britney Spears’ choreographers say she isn’t ready to tour
13. Britney’s tour plane is a mess
14. Britney Spears is upset about Australian Fans
15. Britney’s Dad and manager make list of boys for Britney to date

For more fake stories, check it out at Britney Spears’ official site.

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