John Stamos Follows David Letterman’s Strategy to Fight an Extortion Plot


John Stamos Victim of Extortion Plot

A new day, a new celebrity gets caught up in an alleged extortion plot. This time, it’s “Full House” and “ER” star John Stamos who was allegedly extorted recently.

It all started with an e-mail from someone going by the name “Brian L” who was threatening to release salacious photos of Stamos unless $680,000 was handed over. Taking notes from David Letterman’s strategy, John Stamos contacted authorities for help. The FBI then set up a meeting with the extortionists and an agent to pose as a representative of Stamos on December 2. The meeting turned out to be a trap for the alleged extortionists Allison Coss, 23, and Scott Sippola, 30.

When the officers searched for the home of Coss and Sippola, they found photos of Stamos, Stamos’ personal cell phone number and contact details of three tabloid magazines.

If you’re curious to know what was in those photos, the real Stamos representative Matt Polk said, “at the conclusion of the investigation and hearing, the photos will be available and the public will be able to see that the photos are simply John posing with fans.”

Coss and Sippola are currently out on bail.

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