Fans of Robert Pattinson Fight Paparazzi to Give RPattz Privacy


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Celebrities have loyal fans. But when fans around the world stand up for only one person, it must mean something. Robert Pattinson, who is probably the most-hounded celebrity today, have extremely loyal fans. After several invasive pictures of Rob came out, the fans are now standing up for RPattz  with a campaign to keep paparazzi from invading Rob’s private life.

From the fan site, the fans said:

Due to recent paps pics of Rob that came out today and invasive ones taken before (chasing Rob while he’s driving, taking pictures of him from rooftops), the fans are standing up and fighting back. We want the paps to know that we don’t want to see pics like these, so stop taking them. Stop invading his private life. Enough is enough. Because no person deserves this, celebrity or not. There are limits and you have gone too far. We know pap pics are inevitable, what we are protest­ing against are the particularly invasive ones mentioned above. He doesn’t want this, neither do we!

Here’s our way of fighting back, in less than 48 hours we were able to get 1,000 pics of fans posing with their arms over their face to show their protest. This is our way of saying leave him alone. We’re hoping this message gets across to the paps. Fans from all over the world sent in pics and translated quotes.

We, as site owners, don’t want to post these pics either. A huge group of fans and sites came together for this post. This is a collaborative effort between Thinking of Rob, Pattinson Online, EmsCharityKiss (who gave us the brillant idea) , In My Dreams, Eyes of Amber, Ran dom Acts of Rob, Rob My World, Why not? Twi light, Rpattz and Me, Gossip Dance , Robmusement, Twilight Ladies , Edward-Cullen.Net and so many others that you can find at the bottom.
We think it’s wrong that the paps are hound ing Rob like this and we want them to know.

More  videos, pictures and details of the “anti-paparazzi campaign” here.


  1. We all LOVE Rob and we don’t want this for him, not because he is a celebrity, but because he is a person…just like the rest of us.You wouldn’t want this for yourself,whether you were famous or not. Everybody deserve to have some privacy and not be hounded every single second of every single day. RESPECT ROB!!

  2. c’mon paps, grow some balls and leave the kid alone. no 23 year-old wants pictures of him in a car, and being stalked. take NICE pictures of him or everyone is going to lose interest in the bad ones, an you’ll lose your job. so chill out, and leave the poor guy alone.


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