Kristen Stewart Hits 2010 Sundance with Two Films!


Kristen Stewart Hits 2010 Sundance with Two Films!

It seems like KStew will not just be the vampire world’s tween queen-she’ll be gracing the Sundance Film Festival with two films credited to her name.

The young star, who’s better known as Bella Swan of “Twilight” fame, will be starring at the stripper drama “Welcome to the Rileys” opposite James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo. She is also set to star at the rock group biopic “The Runaways” alongside Dakota Fanning which is also an entry to the said film fest.

“The Runaways” is a motion picture adaptation of the life of legendary female rocker Joan Jett while she was still a teenager struggling to make a name from her music by means of an all-girl band back in 1970s LA.

The movie, among other things, is the one to blame for Kristen’s bizarre hairstyle.

Here’s a sneak peak of “The Runaways”:


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