Does Miley Cyrus Already have a Tattoo?


Does Miley Cyrus Already have a Tattoo?

Tween queen Miley Cyrus reportedly has a tattoo underneath her left breast. Does she actually have one?

The 17-year old performer looks like she has been inked after she was seen wearing a pink bikini while enjoying the waves in Miami.

The tattoo, according to paparazzi, appears to show off the phrase “just breathe”. Former tween star Lindsay Lohan also has the same tattoo marked on her wrist.

Miley’s brother, Trace, also has his own set of tats and hopes his sister would carry matching inked skin in the future.

“I already have a matching one with my dad, there’s no reason why I wouldn’t do it with my siblings,” he said. “Someone you’re that close to, it’s something that means something to you obviously, so why wouldn’t you do it?”

Trace got his first body art when he was 18, and his mom accompanied him to the artist who did the job.

Miley however, still needs her parents’ consent in order to get a tattoo since it’s illegal for minors to have themselves inked while under 18.

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  1. What is wrong with Miley she is crazy i mean first she becomes hannah montanna then she gets a tattoo is she in this like depression scene because its just weird what she does! And then she wants to quit hannah montanna and upset her fans oh wait then she gets everyone fired up for nothing because then she decides not to quither persous show im mean i like her but what the heck????!!!!!!!???????


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