Box Office News: “New Moon” Continues to Soar


Box Office News: “New Moon” Continues to Soar

“New Moon,” the sequel to the hit vampire saga “Twilight,” continues to lead the box office even on its second week, with a gross of $14.3 million on Wednesday.

The second vampire installment now has $179 million in its box-office piggy bank, and it seams to gain more during the holiday weekend as Black Friday provided students and workers the day off to enjoy.

Second in line is Sandra Bullock’s “The Blind Side,” with $7.9 million on its sixth day of release, the football-inspired flick now has a total of $50.6 million.

The disaster thriller “2012” ranked third with $3.6 million and a cumulative $116.9 million in sales.

In fourth place is the martial arts combat “Ninja Warriors” with $3.3 million on Wednesday, and at fifth is the family comedy “Old Dogs” starring John Travolta, Seth Green and Robin Williams, with $3.1 million in sales.

Haven’t seen “New Moon” yet? Then check the trailer out!


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