New Moon Opens on Cinemas Worldwide Today! Plus Photos of Twilight Stars at the Cinemas


twilight new moon screening 5 201109

November 20 is finally here and for Twi-hards around the world, it only means one thing – the wait is finally over and you can now watch “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” in theaters today and even possibly re-watch it in the next weeks to come.

New Moon officially launched in theaters Thursday night with thousands of fans around the world waiting eagerly to view the continuation of last year’s hit film “Twilight.” However, unlike the first film that received criticisms about not sticking to the storylines on the book, fans will be pleased to know that majority of “New Moon” follows the book closely.

Aside from seeing the Twilight stars on pre-recorded TV interviews, live talk show guest appearances, magazine features and plenty of PR for “New Moon,” they also took time to appear on cinemas to welcome fans for the movie premiere. (Check out pictures below).

Once you’ve watched “New Moon,” we’re pretty sure your countdowns will now be set for June 30, 2010 – the release of the third installment of the film – “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.” As it currently stands, no other potential blockbusters are scheduled for release June 30, 2010 and if other companies are smart, they probably won’t try to compete with Twilight’s massive following that same day.

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