More of the Lohan Family Drama: Dina Says the Release of the Phone Recordings are Hurting Her Children


Dina Lohan

Michael Lohan has indeed taken the most drastic step against his estranged wife and kids-release the phone recordings that entail daughter Lindsay is having a problem with her use of prescription drugs.

“It’s just gotta stop. It just has to stop,” she said in an interview with TMZ.

The Lohan matriarch says that her children have no contact whatsoever with their father, but were at the same time hurt when he released the recordings to the media, particularly with RadarOnline.

“It’s so hurtful for my children more than myself. I don’t care what he says about me,” she continued.

She also responded to her ex-husband’s claim he’s talking to the media in order to help Lindsay:

“He’s not helping. He has nothing left because he has hurt us so much.” She said.

Aside from his public display of their dirty linen, Dina is also concerned about Michael’s recent behavior.

“He’s dangerous and-I feel- spiraling out of control.”

She also claims that he, as the father of their children, owes her child support, and is now being monitored by the authorities.

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