Charity Knock Out Match Leaves Kim Kardashian with a Black Eye; Brother Rob Suffers Concussion


Kim Kardashian

Los Angeles, CA.- Ever wanted to knock out a Kardashian? The reality TV family gave the public the opportunity to exchange punches with them by means of a charity boxing event last Tuesday, but while they all expected to end up having fun, the Kardashians were left at the hands of first aid.

Kim, who dressed up in an all-pink ensemble (including the gloves) for a boxing match, lost with a black eye, while her younger brother Rob was totally knocked out by his opponent.

“The event itself was absolutely insane!!” Kim said on her blog. “We literally had three days of training to prepare for the event and thought it would be a little bit of fun to raise money for one of our favorite charities, The Dream Foundation. We didn’t expect what happened.”

She also claims on her blog that her brother fought someone who is a trained fighter, and weighed 35 lbs. more than him. “At one point Rob’s mask fell off and when he put his hands down he got hit in the face and ended up in hospital with a concussion.”

Because of what happened to Kim and Rob, the rest of the family members, Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney’s boyfriend Scott Disick, decided to back out of their respective matches.

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