“Twilight” Star Kristen Stewart Says Being Famous and Being a Vampire are the Same


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Los Angeles, CA.-  Can vampires and celebrities be the same? Yes, says ‘Twilight’ star Kristen Stewart. How in the world did she come up with such analogy?

Kristen explains this in an interview with BlackBook magazine, where she sees the character of Edward Cullen (played by co-star Robert Pattinson) to be nearly the same as living life under the spotlight.

“Edward is actually a good parallel to fame,” she says. “As a vampire, he has a sad, desolate life-fame is the same.”

Indeed a lot of fans would do everything to trade places with Kristen even just for a day to be with Rob, who’s grown to be the hottest vampire today. However, she says being celeb isn’t always great and fantastic, unlike the way fans see it.

“Nothing about being a celebrity is desirable. I’m an actor. It’s bizarre to me that everybody’s so obsessive.” She stated. “I don’t want to be a movie star like Angelina Jolie.”


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