Taylor Swift, a Racist?


Taylor Swift Swastika

Taylor Swift has been on the headlines for several weeks. After being seen with Twilight hunk Taylor Lautner out on a date, Taylor Swift is again on the headlines and is being labeled a racist. Not because she had stated something racist or wore anything to suggest that, but simply because she was photographed with a guy who was wearing the swastika on his t-shirt.

Country star Taylor Swift is being criticized for the incidents that occurred during Katy Perry’s Willy Wonka-themed recently. Various blogs are putting heat on the 19-year-old Swift for not knowing better than to get bad press from pictures that speak (remember Miley Cyrus’ Chinese-mocking picture?).

The situation was made worse by the fact Swift’s shirt had the initials “JH” painted, which the Internet people are claiming to meant as “Jew Hater.” The initials were later found to stand for her friend Julianne Hough.

A representative for Swift told TMZ, “Taylor took pictures with about 100 people that night… she doesn’t know who this guy is and she didn’t realise what was on his shirt.”

According to reports, the young man wearing the offensive T-shirt has come forward to say that the mark on his shirt started out as an ‘X’ but was ‘perverted’ as the night went on. He added that he was ‘not a racist’ and doesn’t support the Nazi agenda.

Image from Wenn.com


  1. Any normal person can see its just a picture with bad timing or someone trying to make cash off of it. Anyone else who decides to make anything out of it bigger than it is needs to grow up as a human being.


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