More Suspects Added to the Case of Hollywood Burglars


More Celebrity Burglary Cases Linked to a Group of Young Burglars

The Los Angeles Police Department is working round-the-clock to get to the bottom of the Hollywood burglaries. The LAPD has announced that the burglaries in the homes of Brian Austin Green, Megan Fox and Ashley Tisdale were the latest cases linked to the fashion-obsessed burglars.

LAPD previously linked the burglaries from the homes of Rachel Bilson, Orlando Bloom, Audrina Patridge, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. Investigators say the suspects hit at least 10 residences, two of which were not famous people, but probably owns expensive wardrobes.

Officer Brett Goodkin made a statement saying, “The celebrities had a couple of things in common. That they were celebrities, it was easy to find out where they live via the Internet, and that none of the celebrities knew any of the suspects in this crime.”

Good thing is, police are already returning stolen goods back. At a morning press conference, police showed photos of some of the Paris Hilton’s recouped items, including a Louis Vuitton camouflage bag and assorted bangles (including including rings, watches and necklaces). All of the items were returned to her last week. So far, roughly $2 million in cash and property has been recovered, leaving millions more still unaccounted for.

The LAPD is still investigating the people involved in these burglaries, which seemed to have started in late 2008. Police has also named another suspect – Jonathan “Johnny Dangerous” Ajar, who is considered armed and dangerous. The 27-year-old Ajar was previously arrested on a felony charge on September 30, but was released on a $10,000 bail. His whereabouts are now unknown.

The LA District Attorney’s Offfice has also charged four more people and increased the number of counts. The 18-year-old Nicholas Prugo of Calabasas is facing to seven. Fellow suspects Alexis Neiers (18), Roy Lopez Jr. (27), and Courtney Leigh Ames (18), are facing one count apiece, while Diana Tamayo (19) is facing two. The investigation into suspect Rachel Lee is ongoing, per D.A. spokeswoman Jane Robison.

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