Stephanie Pratt Explains DUI via Twitter


Stephanie Pratt Explains Reason for DUI Arrest

As we reported last week, Stephanie Pratt was busted on suspicion of DUI early Saturday morning. Now, the Hills star is explaining her DUI business.

Via her Twitter page, Pratt explained, “I was pulled over 4 tinted windows 3 blocks from where i was sleeping and blew a .08…which was 2 drinks. i made the wrong choice to drive and i take full responsibility,” referring to her arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence after attending her sister-in-law’s 26th birthday at a Hollywood club.

Pratt added, “I would never put other peoples lives at risk and want to be very clear that i was not pulled over for unsafe driving,” she continued. “2 drinks… call a taxi! pls learn from my mistake. love u alllll!” In another tweet, Stephanie thanked her Twitter fans for their kind words and support.

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