Kate to Jon Gosselin: Show me the Money


Jon and Kate Continue to Argue about Money Matters

Jon Gosselin has been ordered to return the $180,000 he secretly withdrew from a joint account he shared with Kate. Although he has returned $28,500, he still needs to repay a whopping $ $151,500. Jon’s lawyer has reportedly e-mailed Kate’s camp stating that he has the money, but it still hasn’t reached Kate.

Under the terms of the judge’s order, Jon is required to wire the money to Kate’s lawyers. That has not been done yet. Kate’s lawyer Mark Momjian stated, “The only proof of money we received is $28,500 that was sent over a week ago. The only thing we’re looking for is the difference, which is about $151,500. We have not yet received confirmation of that.”

Momjian also told TMZ that if he gets the money today, he’ll cancel the court hearing due next week. However, if the rest of the cash isn’t deposited by Monday, “We’ll be in court.”

Meanwhile, another $55,000 is in dispute. Jon says Kate had no right to take the money. Kate says she spent it on household matters. The arbitrator will decide who’s right at a later date.


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