Rihanna Released First Single called “Russian Roulette”



For Rihanna fans, the wait was really ‘ova’ on Tuesday 11am when the r&b star released her first single “Russian Roulette” from her new album.

The song was written and produced by Ne-Yo, who’s worked on several of Rihanna’s hits, including “Hate That I Love You” and “Take a Bow.” While the previous albums Ne-Yo and Rihanna have worked on may have been about the good and bad about relationships, but it would be hard not to think about Rihanna’s former boyfriend Chris Brown when listening to the single.

The nearly four-minute-long song, which is available to stream on her website,  opens with a searing guitar solo that transitions into a pulsing beat, which stays constant during the eerie, haunting ballad. There’s no lyrics directly outing Chris Brown on the song, nor any details about Brown’s assault incident with Rihanna, but “Russian Roulette” seems to be about an abusive relationship.

The song includes lyrics such as “Take a breath/ Take it deep/ Calm yourself/ He says to me/ If you play/ You play for keeps/ Take the gun/ And count to three” with a chorus that sings “And you can see my heart beating/ You can see it through my chest/ I said I’m terrified, but I’m not leaving/ I know that I must pass this test/ So just pull the trigger.”

Before the song ends with a gun being cocked and fired, Rihanna sings, “As my life flashes before my eyes/ I’m wondering, will I ever see another sunrise?/ So many won’t get the chance to say goodbye/ But it’s too late to pick up the value of my life.”

On Tuesday, Rihanna also announced her forthcoming album called “Rated R” out on November 23.

Image from: Island Def Jam Music Group


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