Lady Gaga and Madonna: Catfight on SNL



Lady Gaga and Madonna shared the stage on Saturday Night Live and ended up with a cat fight and making up.

The two pop divas performed a synchronized dance-off, dressed in matching black lingerie and knee-high boots, but the skit began its action when Madonna started pulling Gaga’s wig, yelling to her: “What the hell is a disco stick?” – referring to the Gaga’s hit song. The pair was then separated by a host of the fake MTV show ‘Deep House Dish,’ where the two continued their war of words:

“Guess what Madonna, I’m totally hotter than you,” says Lady Gaga to the Material Girl, who then replied, “Hey guess what, I’m taller than you. What sort of a name is Lady Gaga; it sounds like baby food!”

The skit ended with the two divas kissing each other and attacking Kenan Thompson instead.

SNL was hosted by Ryan Reynolds with his real-life Scarlett Johansson playing his comedy spouse in one of the skits.



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