Tom Brady and Wife Gisele Bundchen Sued by Photographers



It seems like two photographers want to see Tom Brady and wife Gisele Bundchen-not just in the papers, but in court. The two photogs are suing the celebrity couple for allegedly having them shot via the latter’s security men during their wedding celebration in Costa Rica held this year.

According to the photographers, they have the right clearance permits to take pictures of the couple from a nearby location, but the New England Patriot’s hunky quarterback ordered his security group to approach them, confiscate their cameras and memory cards, and lead them off the area.

One of the photogs claims that he was able to escape the security, but the other claims he was grabbed by one of Brady’s bodyguards and had his arm twisted.

The lawsuit, which was filed today in the New York federal court, also says that five other security men joined the commotion and didn’t allow the release the captive photographer.

Later however, the photographer was finally released in order to get the other who was able to escape. The two then sped off from the residence via their SUV, and was chased by bullets coming from the security group.

The plaintiffs are now seeking for $1 million in damage fees.

The Bradys have yet to comment regarding the issue.


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