Audrina Patridge and her Freaky Stalker



Audrina Patridge claims she was scared for her life when a 6’4″ tall 180-pound stranger showed up on her front porch in August and handed her a drawing of a woman being strangled.

Patridge filed court documents on Thursday in LA County Superior Court, where she explained that she believes a fan named Zachory Loring can harm her in the future. Audrina said that the 24-year-old Loring first appeared on her home on August 26 claiming he was there to deliver wine. When Patridge got to the door, Loring tried to hand her “a stack of photos, cards, drawings and poems he had written.” Audrina said one of the photos given to her was of a woman being strangled.

The creepy postcard was postdated September 15, about three weeks into the future, so Patridge has reason to believe she might get injured or hurt by Loring on that exact date.

Patridge also said that her neighbors saw Loring on her front porch in August 29. Fortunately for Audrina, she had a record on her surveillance tape showing Loring had been there for several hours talking to himself. When Loring came over to her home again on August 30, wearing a red tie and a black suit, Patridge called 911. The cops arrested Loring for trespassing and outstanding warrants, but he was released the next day on $15,000 bail.

Audrina told the cops that she’s in “great fear” of coming back to her home because she believes Loring is still stalking her, even though she has requested a restraining order against Loring.


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